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RIPx , Episode#1 by Parkensis
As per his usual tactics Sohjin was hard to locate and was the first the score a successful missiles hits on my mech....My lams was working to the fullest of it's abilities but there just was to many missiles for me to avoid and I had still not found my target... Sohjin was playing hide and seek, never shooting his complement of missiles from the same place twice. As for myself I could not go out in the open for fear of being dismantled one piece of armor at a time! So I found a hiding place behind a building close to a oil refinery, on that location there is a number of small destructible building and 2 major one which are much harder to destroy. My plan was to bring Sohjin to circle around me an get himself close to the oil reserves nearby. There when the times comes I would shoot the oil container and destroy him or at least overheat him so much he would shutdown and I would finish him off with a well placed shot. And the duel went on... Finally after too many hits from Sohjin for my taste, I score a good hit on his left torso. The Gauss missed their mark but the 4 ERlarges lasers scored, I immediately change my tactics, alpha strikes would not work on such a fast mech. Gauss do not reach their target as fast as lasers do, so I decided to lead the shots with the gauss first and cycle the 4 ERlarge lasers in pairs to make Sohjin lose his lock on me. Finally Sohjin was going in the directions I was hoping for, there was my chances, and I took it, but it meant taking a serious beating. So I pushed my trottle to the fullest and charged him to push him on where the oil was waiting with it's deadly fires. Sohjin and myself close the distance really fast, and we where suddenly at close and deadly range. Gauss don't work to well at close range, they often missed their mark and missile need to fly a few 100 meters strait to reach the fullest potential, it was a dead lock. Both mechs were suffering from damages now, each had some weak parts and where missing some armaments. After what seems to be a very long times the battle was still raging on with neither of us getting a clear advantage, both of our mech were in very bad shapes. Suddenly with a careful movement tactics on my part, Sohjin's Thor was edging closer and closer to the area that I had chosen for him too die. Then misfortune append just as I was aiming for the oils tanks, the unimaginable append. I lost the remaining gauss and 1 of the 2 lasers I had, worse the computer was beeping frantically, while the only laser I had left was recharging Sohjin dealt me the final blow... Read more at