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Clan Black Sheep , Episode#2 by VoodooLou
These big horned sheep are fearless, extremely sure footed (Especially when drunk) and, unlike the other fauna of Strana Mechty, lull their foe's into beliving them unable to defend themselves (outside of their Valley they WILL and do fight ANY other creature usually winning {a Strana Mechty Ghost Bear was used in one of the numerous experiments against the Black Sheep in an enviroment that placed the Ghost Bear in its natural habitat. The Black Sheep laid down, seeming to be in a complete drunken stupor, just within reach of the hidden Ghost Bear [Ghost Bears bury themselves in the Snow and Leap out from underneath their hiding place when the intended victim is within striking range] the Black Sheep at the exact moment of the Ghost Bears head emerging from the snow, was on its feet and struck with its horns, killing the Ghost Bear instantly}). After a month of living in the same enviroment as the Black Sheep, VoodooLou returned to inform Nicholas of his discovery. At his Uncles request he kept this discovery to himself while his Uncle had a few of the Black Sheep Captured and used them to conduct experiments. Regardless of the amount of alcohol in the Sheeps system, they are well able to defend themselves, even against numerous attackers. Soon after the conclusion of the experiments the Sheep were returned to their natural habitat and all invovled partys, excluding Nicholas and his 'Uncle', were either hypnoticaly 'mind-wiped', mysteriously disappeared or found dead of 'Natural Causes'(All referance to the Black Sheep, the experiments and their habitat has never been revealed prior to now).