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Clan Black Sheep , Episode#3 by VoodooLou
After discussing the strengths and abilities of the Black Sheep with his 'Uncle' VoodooLou, Nicholas Kerensky decicded that he needed a Covert unit to do those jobs that needed the utmost secrecy. Much in the way that Jaime and Joshua of Clan Wolf were instructed, years later, to return to the Star League, now known as the Inner Sphere, in secrecy to determine the weakness and strengths of their Militaries as the Mercenary Unit 'Wolfs Dragoons', Nicholas asked his 'Uncle' to search through the existing Clans Worlds for Warriors who showed exceptional ability in combat without letting be known what his mission was. VoodooLou then went out among the Clans without revealing his status as a Kerensky. Seen as a lowly non-exceptional MechWarrior he passed from Clan to Clan secretly observing and making note of warriors who he thought would meet with his 'Nephews' requirements. After 5 years he informs Nicholas he has found the Warriors he thinks would fit his requirements. Secretly these warriors are contacted, as well as Techs and supply personel. These People soon become what is known to the rest of the Clans as 'The Bandit Caste'.