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Clan Black Sheep , Episode#4 by VoodooLou
In the Beginning Nicholas' Covert unit did not have a name other than 'Special Forces'. They were established in the very same Valley of the Black Sheep and its coresponding Lake of Goldschlager(These being the Habitat of the Black Sheep that the Unit was soon to be named for). The ranking system was that of the Clans but the highest rank was not above that of Star Captain. Not until just before Clan WidowMaker had been Absorbed by Clan Wolf did Clan Black Sheep become the Special Forces new name. When the Clan was formed Star Captain Ford Prefect was the highest ranking and therefore became Khan Ford Prefect. Not even a month had passed when, Nicholas Kerensky my 'adopted' Nephew, had been killed. Knowing that Nicholas had not told anyone other than myself and his Wife of the Black Sheep and the Clan bearing their name, I insured that no referance to either was available, knowing that the rest of the Clans would see them as chalcas and stravags, who would suffer the same punishments as had been done to Clan Wolverine. As many Loremasters and Historians may note Prefect is not listed as a BloodName and has no known BloodHeritage, this was done purposefully. Having traveled from the Star League with the Kerenskys I knew personally the names of everyone who travelled with us to the Pentagon worlds. Unbeknownst until my having revealing it Star Captain Ford did not know who his progenitors were, while I did. I told Nicholas that if ever the SpecOpFor was discovered the Clans would destroy what we had built up over the decades. Now the Black Sheep are not what you would expect of an Elite Clan. They are Diamonds in the rough so to speak. They Drink to excess, continually balk at strict adhearence to Military protocol, and personally I found them to be the most understanding, non-conforming easy going people in Clan territory and Inner Sphere alike. Nicholas recognizing that the Warriors of his Special Forces were becoming much like their soon to be namesake the Black Sheep, decided that this was not to be discouraged, but rather incouraged and used to full advantage. As has been seen in the Past, this promoted Severe Loyalty within the ranks of Warriors, those who drink together, fight together. Instead of BloodNames the Clan used BeerNames instead more as a way to Thumb their nose at the completely rigid and unforgiving Clans. This too did Nicholas condone unofficially, for on quite a few occasions we would visit the Black Sheep Valley and Nicholas would complain to me about having to return to the "Stifiing Warriors who look upon me and my Father as Gods. How I wish to stay here with the Warriors who uphold the virtues I have established without all the reverance and who treat me as just another Warrior and not their Creator." His death affected the Black Sheep deeply more so I think than it did to any other save myself and his Wife. Soon 'The Bandit Caste' caused many disruptions throughout the Clans worlds to the trepidation of their Khans and the Grand Council. Never using their Mechs but never-the-less causing problems and mayhem soon became commonplace events. While they did not use their Mechs, they did on occasion 'requistion' Mechs from the Other Clans. Nicholas in his foresight gave them everything in one of the Brian Caches that he purposefully held back the knowledge of from the Rest of the Clans. I personally left the Black Sheep to their Enclave in the Valley of Black Sheep, to return amongst the Clans to pick out Warriors, Techs, Scientists and encouraged these to seek out 'The Bandit Caste', after giving the Black Sheep information on them and the go ahead to proceed, once I had recognized in them the qualities that would allow them to fit in with the rest of Clan Black Sheep.