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The Calling , Episode#1 by TKOV_Retro
What once was lost now is found. I have found my true calling as a Mechwarrior. When I was young and heard stories of my home planet I was always struck with awe. Now when I hear them I only feel hate. Hate for the clanners; hate for the virus, but most of all hate for the Jade Falcons. My hate drove me to become a warrior of faith and of power. My training led me to learn the ways of combat and the meaning of Honor. When I was accepted as a true warrior, I knew my time had come. I left on the next available dropship, not caring where I was going. Only aware that the Falcons were one-step closer. As it turned out, I arrived in the Free Worlds League, where I took a shift as a scout in one of the border patrols. Stationed on the battleship Slimetta #1 the Leagues maintenance crew rigged my only Shadow Cat with magnetic foot gyros and emergency thrusters. Patrolling the outside of the ship only a week into its patrol, a previously unknown meteor shower hit the far end of the ship. The concussion from the blast was enough to propel me away into space. However I saw I was lucky when the ship imploded. My only possibly target was a large asteroid the was slowly making it's way through the heavens. Nevertheless, my good fortune turned to bad when a pirate group that controlled the base demanded my surrender. They had a few old mechs, most of theirs being of on a raid so they promised me I would die in space and then they would steal my mech. The composition of the asteroid was largely iron and I was able to maintain my foothold. Seeing I was getting nowhere, I unleashed a volley of laser fire into their main reactor cooling system. They were forced to surrender to me, and I used this surrender to take control of there ship. It was not a raid that allowed me to win, or skilled diplomacy, but in essence, self defense. I had killed half the crew upon landing and entering, they got a little bit squished, I told them to move, and the others died in attempted assassination plots. After commandeering their vessel I powered up it's engine and headed for home. This of course attracted the attentions of a second border patrol, and I was quickly boarded. After checking my credentials they allowed me to board their ship and started home towing the asteroid