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Paid in Blood , Episode#1 by Exodus
Paid In Blood The Death Jesters Combine Transmission 1 "Swing right, Swing right" Brawler called out barking commands to his Jesters. Steel Vipers invasion had come in a mid winter snow storm forcing their position; The Jesters had been slowly pushed into the city deciding to make their stand there SaKahn Brawler called out for a swing flank maneuver using Star Colonel Bloody Cat and Star Captain Reprobate as the extension of the flank keeping Nova Captain Kostomojian as his wing for the center thrust soon to follow the flank. The Vipers advanced on the city 2 Bushwackers, a Thor and a Shadow Cat made their way across open field concentrating on the two Shadow Cats standing seemingly alone in the city "Scat is down! Scat is down!" the viper Commander yelled across his radio. With their Shadow Cats blazing out laser fire Bloody Cat and Reprobate began their assault ripping into the enemy Scat tearing his left side apart and destroying the mech in one fatal volley. "Center Thrust now!" the SaKahn screamed realizing his Jesters would be in trouble if they did not enter the battle. Though faster and more agile than the heavier Bushwacker and Thor the Shadow Cats could only dodge so long before the heavier battlemechs locked on with their heavy fire power and they would pulverize their smaller enemy. Just as the center moved in for their attack the SV Thor opened up with a PPC tearing into the center torso "Unnnnnh! I'm hit hard!" Reprobate yelled. "One more of those and I'm toast." "Hang in there kid we are on the way." Was the message Brawler passed across his radio hoping his warrior could hold out till they arrived. Opening up with an alpha strike Kostomojian waded into the first Bushwacker he came to tearing away the right arm of the surprised warrior's mech. With pinpoint accuracy Brawler unloaded a volley of small laser fire at the Thor which brought the SV commanders full attention to the SaKahn. Reprobate showing the courage only a Jester can have unloaded another alpha strike into the Thor just before the 2nd Bushwacker ripped away the rest to his center torso. A fine warrior down Brawler thought maneuvering around for another shot. Bloody Cat fired again blazing into the head of the Bushwacker that had just taken his friend and wingman killing the Viper outright. "Two Down two to go." Brawler yelled. Firing into the back of the first Bushwacker ripping his right torso apart Kostomojian fired another volley into the Bushwacker and hit in the left and center torso. Bloody Cat had now turned his attention to the Thor that had ultimately killed his friend. The Thor fired again hitting Brawler in the right leg firing a second PPC the Thor hit again in the SaKahns right torso. The Bushwacker opened fire on Kostomojian and hit the mech in the Right torso. The battle raged for what seemed like hours until Bloody Cat went down from a lucky headshot the Bushwacker delivered "Damn!" Brawler Screamed "Two of my finest. Let's kill these bastards Kost". Unloading again into the Bushwacker Brawler and Kostomojian ripped the Bushwacker apart dropping it like a bad habit. The SV commander seeing all was lost in the battle sent an alpha strike into the Nova Captains Scat determined to take out as many as possible the Thor ripped the leg off of the doomed Scat shutting down in the process due to the heat the PPC's generate. The shutdown was all the SaKahn needed taking careful aim Brawler ripped into the Thor with strike after strike until the mech fell lifeless. The battle won but at what cost Brawler only hoped this would bring more Jesters to the battlefield to fight those who oppose the greatest clan ever formed The Death Jesters Combine.