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Paid in Blood , Episode#2 by Exodus
Transmission 2 Huge double oak doors stood at the entrance to the clan hall war council the only mark there The Skull and Jester hat that has become to symbolize honor, courage and skill. Pure warriors breed to fight server each other. Inside the council in session Kahn Steal rising at the head of a marble table dressed in the garb of an ancient Jester but there is no foolishness here the term Jester would soon earn a new meaning, a definition forged in the fires of battle and the skull and cap would soon strike fear into the hearts of all who look across a battlefield and see its approach. "I Kahn Steal leader of all that is honorable do now bring this council to order." Steal spoke. "The recent Battle for Dargonin City has cost us the company of three fine warriors in a unprovoked attack by Clan Steel Viper and from here on their names shall be spoken with reverence. SaKahn Brawler has told me of the heroic actions of these our fallen brothers and I hereby decree that they be awarded the golden balls. Now on the pressing issue at hand let it be know that no Steel Viper mech shall be left standing in our wake, let our combat be honorable, courageous and skillful. I call on all Jesters to bring the Jesters vengeance down on those who have killed our brethren. Trelek hiz donf thizn oms reliak. (Let it be written in stone.)". Boom! Boom! Boom! Came the knocks at the door. " Sir carrier from Steel Viper." Star Colonel Highlander reported. "Show him in." Brawler replied and the massive doors began to open with not a hint of noise that their size should bring a marvel of Jester engineering. As the SV warrior entered the war council chamber all eyes were focused on him. "Speak your message warrior." Steal commanded and the Viper began "It is the pleasure of my most honorable Kahn that clan Steel Viper has taken possession of this Planet. Let it be known that any who remain here after a forth night shall suffer at the hand of Steel Viper." He said. "And let it be known to you that the Jesters shall take pleasure in spilling the blood of all Vipers who remain here after a forth night." Steel said softly a look of hunger in his eyes, the hunger for battle. "Escort him out." Steal commanded