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mysterious visitor from the past , Episode#1 by Surn
-----Original Message----- From: Blair, Justin Sent: Thursday, August 23, 2001 11:59 AM To: '' Subject: mysterious visitor from the past Damn man i cant believe you are still running this page. I remember years ago when i had headaches from trying to put together a new league format that wouldnt drive the players insane. And i remember a vision of putting together some automation that would allow a league to virtualy run its self. This has surly come a long way from my days. Well i was here telling Lore stories to my co-worker who was talking about a model he was building of a mech about the days i spent as a hardcore mech warrior. It feels like its been a long time. Thought i would drop a line and see how everything was going. The league looks like its come pretty far. Glad to see your keeping Knockmore's dream alive. Well back to work for me, drop me a line id like to hear how things are going. Justin Blair "Crystar" -----REPLY------- The site is good, but not perfect even yet. There are still the odd corrupt player profile or battle and such. Itís a struggle, but at least itís a struggle for something that we all love. The other day, a friend and I were at a local electronics superstore and some employees were playing Mech4. Of course, I had to walk over to the 27 inch flat monitor and see how they were doing. Immediately my friend says, " this guy is one of the best players in the world at this game!" I am clearly not, but it was cool that one of the employees was actually familiar with the When I said, "there are a couple thousand players, and its free," you could see that gleam in their eyes like the first time we went on Kali. We may be old timers, but Mechwarrior lives on! How did you like the intro flash? Its new, and I am still hoping for some player to come up with a better one. 8-) Charles Fettinger "Surn"