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NickName Zone Name Rank Lance Name RPI Strength StrMod Kills Bank ICQ Kali Serial Solaris RPI Solaris Strength Notes LastDrop
Gunny PC__xGunnyx SeniorSenior Khan Keshik 41.872 41.872 41.5736 0.0001 662 0 26.4148 26.4148 6/21/2005
DA_Waylander74 DA_Waylander74 JuniorJunior Khan Keshik 42.8987 42.8987 44.1072 0.0001 640 0 35.4697 35.4697 6/13/2005
Houndog RabidHoundDog LoreLore Master Keshik 43.0694 43.0694 43.3308 0.0001 988 0 32.9546 32.9546 6/1/2005
OMEGA_ZECHS OMEGA_ZECHS_ OathOath Master Keshik 42.6039 42.6039 43.006 0.0001 626 0 38 38 6/21/2005
NEKHRON NEKHRON_HILL GalaxyGalaxy Commander Keshik 40.5416 40.5416 43.9056 0.0001 618 0 38 38 6/21/2005
Duo OMEGA_DuoMaxwel StarStar Colonel Bloods Brigade 40.6936 40.6936 50.4065 0.0001 610 0 38 38 6/21/2005
CozyToe GB_Cozytoe_AvD StarStar Captain Bloods Brigade 39.8617 39.8617 39.8057 0.0001 610 0 28.1668 28.1668 5/5/2005
HighRider Highrider_3775 StarStar Commander Bloods Brigade 43.7503 43.7503 43.1131 0.0001 610 0 38 38 6/13/2005
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History of Clan Death Adder
Clan Star Adder was founded by General Absalom Truscott, a longtime friend of Nicholas Kerensky. Truscott was one of Kerensky's first choices to be a Clan Khan. His exemplary record prior to the Second Exodus and command of the 146th Royal BattleMech Division (formerly commanded by Nicholas Kerensky) were ample reason for his elevation to the rank of Khan. Khan Truscott selected a former noncom, Devon Lefabre, to act as saKhan. Together, the pair began to build into the new Clan Star Adder a sense of military tradition and esprit de corps. Teamwork became the hallmark of the Clan. In the early 2800's, while Nicholas Kerensky began to plan to retake the Pentagon worlds, Khan Truscott sent a group of JumpShips and WarShips to gather intelligence about the warring worlds. The information they brought back enabled Truscott to plan Operation Klondike. The plan was quickly approved by the Grand Council and all twenty Clans began the necessary preparations. The Star Adders drilled relentlessly for their part. This training ultimately saved the Clan from destruction. During the assault on Arcadia, the Star Adders found themselves isolated on the Aeschel Plateau. Surrounded by a superior force of Arcadian defenders, the Star Adders ultimately defeated the Arcadian forces. But the cost was high, Khan Absalom Truscott and twenty percent of the Star Adder force were killed in the fighting. SaKhan Lefabre quickly took over as Khan and led the survivors to victory over the remaining Arcadian forces. After the fighting for Arcadia was over, the Star Adders began the slow process of rebuilding and consolidating their new holdings. The Adders began incorporating former Arcadian troops into their ranks to quickly rebuild their Clusters. Despite occasional flare-ups of resentment, the Star Adder Khans were determined to maintain a strong sense of Clan unity. This unity and respect for the Clan way made them amongst the first to call for a Trial of Annihilation against the Not-Named Clan. When Nicholas Kerensky was killed during the battle between Wolves and Widowmakers, the Adder Khans again voted for Absorption as an example to show others the folly of defying the Clan way. In 2837 2 Divisons left the Star Adders to form the Chaos Clan Death Adders. The once Deadly Star Adder Clan is not long gone and The Death Adders still regien supreme over other clans