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NickName Zone Name Rank Lance Name RPI Strength StrMod Kills Bank ICQ Kali Serial Solaris RPI Solaris Strength Notes LastDrop
jacke josph BrigBrig General Elite Free Lance 31 31 0 0.001 600 0 38 38 ~notes~
Mac 101_Mac Representative Elite Free Lance 40.3194 40.3194 39.8326 0.0001 600 0 38 38 Clan Iron Dragon 7/9/2004
JoshWolf Josh Wolf MajorMajor General Free Lance 31 31 0 0.001 600 0 38 38 *Please indicated any intended group you would like to join*
Kilpmure Kilpmure BrigBrig General Free Lance 46.1319 46.1319 46.2842 0.0001 666 0 46.1319 46.1319 *Please indicated any intended group you would like to join* 10/14/2002
LokiMartin Loki Martin BrigBrig General Free Lance 31 31 0 0.001 600 0 38 38 *Please indicated any intended group you would like to join*
Cmd. Matthew Cmd. Matthew Representative Free Lance 31 31 0 0.001 600 0 38 38
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History of Wolf's Dragoons
Wolf's Dragoons: The name is synonymous with skill, courage, professionalism, and innovation. For more than a generation, the mysterious, highly disciplined Wolf's Dragoons have set the standard for Inner Sphere mercenaries, using their advanced BattleMechs and superior training to defeat the best MechWarriors the Inner Sphere had to offer. Under the leadership of founder Jaime Wolf, the Dragoons have done more to professionalize the mercenary industry than any other unit in existence, through their disciplined example on the battlefield, their Hiring Hall in the city of Harlech, their revitalization of the Mercenary Review and Bonding Commission, and their extensive training facilities on Outreach. The Fourth Succession War nearly destroyed the unit, claiming the lives of almost one-sixth the Dragoons. By recruiting war orphans--a typical example of Dragoon innovation--the unit rebuilt itself within a generation. Other innovations, such as the unit's 'Mech-manufacturing assets, have also contributed to the Dragoons' phenomenal resiliency and at the same time freed them from the precarious financial status most merc units must endure. Though any of these accomplishments would secure the unit a place in mercenary lore, the Dragoons' instrumental role in halting the Clan invasion undoubtedly earned them a place in the annals of the Inner Sphere. Despite the heroic performance of the Com Guards on Tukayyid, the Successor States might still have fallen to the invaders' onslaught if not for the Dragoons' intimate knowledge of the Clans and their willingness to share that knowledge with the Inner Sphere powers. This deserved litany of praise, unusual for a mercenary unit, rightly sets the Dragoons apart from every other mercenary unit in the Inner Sphere. For more than two generations, the Dragoons have followed the legendary Jaime Wolf, universally recognized as a supreme tactician, superior strategist, and shrewd political observer. The Dragoons are the supreme warriors of the Inner Sphere, and Wolf is the supreme commander. A recent challenge to Wolf's leadership of the Dragoons prompted many to predict their imminent downfall and dissolution. True to form, the Dragoons defied the naysayers and emerged from their trials fiercer and more deadly, forged into a stronger alloy in the crucible of their civil war. Reflecting the unit's renewed strength and fierce loyalty, some observers have dubbed these new Dragoons "Wolf Pack." Whether or not the name sticks, few people doubt that Wolf's Dragoons will survive to fight the battles of future generations.