Ilkhan, FirstLord and MercLord GuideLines





Each unit in the Registry has a Rank Structure, and this Rank Structure is a sub-Structure of one of the three main Rank types in the league (Clan, House, Mercenary).  Each of these Rank Types has unique abilities in the league, and is played slightly differently.  Clans are similar to a feudal system where honor and individual accomplishment are highly regarded.  Houses are similar to empires with unique styles and types of leaders. Houses are not as honor bound as clans, but do maintain structure.  Depending upon the leadership, Houses may be very honorable, and seldom fall below a fairly respectable level of honor.  Mercenaries are not bound by honor; they fight for fame, power and most importantly money.  Mercenaries are smaller groups than Clans or Houses and often must fight simply to survive. 

When the majority of the group leaders for a Rank Type decide to elect an overall leader, that leader gains a new Rank. This new Rank allows them to access all of the other leaders of that similar Rank Type's group information.  This allows that leader to direct all of the groups under his leadership toward common goals and strategies.  Clans can elect an IlKhan, Houses elect a FirstLord and Mercenaries elect a MercLord.  Once elected, each unit in the league must 'Bow' to the Overall Leaders position. Until this is done, the Overall Leader has no power upon that unit.

Guidelines of Play

All Overall Leaders:

Overall Leaders must remember that they are not emperors of all the units they have access to.  Each unit is a sovereign entity, and its leaders have ultimate control over the unit. Unit leaders have the final word for their unit in all matters attaining to the unit. Extreme actions such as deleting a unit, changing its leadership, or selling off all of its assets are seen as an abuse of power.  Only with the consent of all the other units that are lead, should such extreme actions be taken.  Unit leaders can appeal to the MechWarrior Registry Admin Staff if they feel the Overall Leader is abusing powers.  The Overall Leader is a role-playing position, other adjustments of unit resources and other leader specific duties should only be done with the consent of the unit in question.    The Overall Leader cannot attack any unit with forces from another unit or unit unless the attacking force agrees with the action. As such a high-ranking member of the MechWarrior Registry, just, fair and respectable behavior is required.  Gross acts of misconduct will result in demotion from such rank, as deemed by the MechWarrior Registry Admin Staff.


The IlKhan is the leader of the Clan Grand Council (CGC).  The IlKhan's primary goal is to re-unit the Star League and fulfill Kerensky's dream.  His powers are limited and derived from the Clan Grand Council.  Politically, he speaks for all the clans, but when the CGC meets he listens to all sides of arguments.  Each Clan Leader is considered a highly honored warrior and is respected by the IlKhan.  The IlKhan is the arbitrator of honor challenges. More Information:

Specific restrictions:

        The IlKhan cannot remove a Clan Leader from his unit unless the CGC agrees and that leader is defeated in combat by his successor.

        The IlKhan can order units to attack planets, but has no say in the strength or strategy used in the attack.

        Has the right to make last minute decisions for the council so long as the decision does not directly change or alter the will of the Clans as individuals.

        Cannot tell Khans how to run their own Clan. IlKhan can give suggestions and can set up votes if he/she feels that the Clan in mind is not in their right mind for the tasks, which they are attempting.

        Cannot declare war on any unit, planet, or beings unless the decision is ran by the Council and a vote is cast. The IlKhan has the right to explain to the Council why he/she feels that the target needs to be declared war upon.


The First Lord is the president of the Inner Sphere. His powers are derived from the Inner Sphere Council (ISC). His first priority is to ensure the security of Terra. The First Lord leads the forces of the Inner Sphere (IS) toward their strategic objective.  He also makes decisions for the ISC when votes end in a stalemate.  The First Lord can negotiate treaties and agreements, which then must be ratified by the ISC.

Specific restrictions:

        The First Lord does not directly command other units of the IS.

        The First Lord is accountable to the ISC in all actions.

        The First Lord cannot take actions that the ISC disagrees with.


The MercLord is the head of all mercenary units that bow to his power.  The MercLord is accountable to only the MechWarrior Registry Admin Staff.  The MercLord's official role is to promote the survival of the mercenary units in the league.  He can obtain contracts and negotiate deals to promote the role of mercenaries in the league.

 Specific restrictions:

        The MercLord cannot steal resources from other mercenary units

        The MercLord cannot initiate military action or make political alliances for other mercenary units without prior consent.



Other rules and restrictions may be added as necessary.